An extension of the Associated Press Stylebook containing Temple-related entries

2015-2016 Edition

Updated June 6, 2018

The Temple News will always side with the style points used by the Associated Press Stylebook, the dictionary and the fundamental rules of grammar.

All suggestions for corrections, clarifications and/or additions should be sent to Chief Copy Editor Evan Easterling at

1810 Liacouras Walk – contains Academic Resource Center, Math and Science Resource

Center, Student Health Services, Tuttleman Counseling Services and CLA advising.

1940 – use as: “Students in 1940 Residence Hall …” located at 1940 Liacouras Walk.

1300 – use as: “Students in 1300 Residence Hall …” located at 1300 Cecil B. Moore Ave.

7-Eleven – not 7-11.

20/20 plan – predecessor to Visualize Temple. Use with backslash, do not capitalize “plan.


Adamany, David – Temple’s eighth president, serving from 2000-2006. Currently a chancellor of the university.

Addazio, Steve – Football coach from 2010 to 2012.

Adjunct professor — when referencing an adjunct professor in a story, use “instructor,” not “professor”

AlliedBarton Security Services– private security firm hired by the university to serve as building security and bolster the bicycle patrols. AlliedBarton on second reference.

al-Qaeda – except at the beginning of a sentence, the “a” is lowercase.

alumni – plural form for graduates. For a single male, use the term alumnus. For a single female, use alumna. For a group of females, use alumnae. Any other group combination should be alumni.

Alumni Circle – at the intersection of Liacouras and Polett walks. Avoid ‘Owl Circle.’

Alter Hall – addition to the Fox School of Business. Named after Dennis and Gisela Alter.

Ambler Sports Complex – Use initial caps.

American Athletic Conference – The American on second reference.

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees union – Temple’s local faculty union is AFSCME Local 1723. Spell out the abbreviation on first reference.

Annenberg Hall

Anderson Hall

Architecture Building – opened in January 2012 as part of Temple’s 20/20 plan. Located at the 1200 block of Norris Street.

Avenue North – on Broad Street between Oxford and Cecil B. Moore. Home to the Pearl Theater and several shops.


Beasley School of Law – named after a legendary Philly lawyer, James E. Beasley, who donated a lot of his money to Temple. We drop all first names when referring to schools.

Bell Tower – located on 12th and Berks streets between Beury Hall and Paley Library.

Beury Hall pronounced “Berry” after a past president of the university. Everyone calls it “BYOO-RHY” though.

Bicycle – “bike” is acceptable in all references in feature stories or columns. Use sparingly in news stories. Indego is a “bike share.” But use “bicycle patrol” instead of “bike patrol” when referring to patrolling Temple Police or AlliedBarton officers.

Black – always capitalize when referring to racial group African Americans.

Blackboard – one word, always capitalize.

Block – don’t use XX00 block of a street when giving locations. Say what street a place is on or where something happened, followed by the nearest cross street. e.g. “The Daily News is located on 8th Street near Market in Center City.”

Board of Trustees – BOT acceptable in headlines. “Board” or “the Board” on second reference. See also: chairman, trustee.

book bag – two words. Backpack is more common, so only use book bag if it’s in a quote.

Boyer College of Music and Dance

Broad Street Line – use street names and a lowercase “station” for station names. e.g. Cecil B.

Moore station. If there is another station by that name in the city, specify which subway line, e.g. Girard station on the Market-Frankford Line. Spring Garden station on the Broad Street Line. BSL is an acceptable second reference for both the train and the a capella group.


Campus Safety Services – the department which oversees Temple Police, building security and gives orders to AlliedBarton. Charlie Leone is executive director.

Center for the Arts – The overseeing center for Boyer College of Music and Dance, Tyler School of Art and the Division of Film, Media Arts and Theater. No abbreviation on second reference.

chairman – a proper title. Follow AP rules in all uses except for BOT. If it’s already been established that the BOT is part of a story, (say, a meeting recap) simply “Chairman Patrick O’Connor” will suffice. In other stories where he’s quoted, use “Patrick O’Connor, chairman of the Board of Trustees.” Do the same for the Board’s vice chairman. See also: Board of Trustees, trustee

class titles – names of classes are uppercase and without quotes, e.g. Marijuana in the News. Avoid: “Marijuana in the News.”

City of Brotherly Love –avoid when referencing Philadelphia.

Citizens Bank

College of Liberal Arts – CLA is acceptable on second reference and in headlines.

College of Science and Technology – CST is acceptable on second reference and in headlines.

Computer Services – refers to the department. Use initial caps.

Conwell, Russell – founder of Temple. Buried in Founder’s Garden.

Craigslist – an online bulletin board ( with the feel of a newspaper classifieds section.


DARS – stands for Degree Audit Reporting System. On first reference, call it a DARS report. DARS is acceptable in all subsequent references.

departments – lowercase departments without proper nouns, e.g. sociology department, journalism department. Languages, e.g. English department, are still capitalized. Avoid: Department of Sociology, etc. This also applies to public departments in Philadelphia, e.g. the city’s department of public health instead of Philadelphia Department of Public Health.

Diamond Dollars

Dimensions – height and dimensions expressed as follows: He is 6 feet 6 inches; The 6-foot-6 inch, 305-pound high school junior. Avoid “6-foot-6-inch high school junior.”

“Diversity University” – the nickname sometimes used to describe Temple. Avoid. Use quotes if used.

Division of Student Affairs – refers to the office, always use caps.

Dr. – many professors have a doctorate. Keep this prefix only for medical doctors.

Draught Horse – pronounced “draft” horse. Bar and restaurant between Broad and 15th streets on Cecil B. Moore Avenue.

Dunkin’ Donuts

DADT—Don’t ask don’t tell, abbreviate on second reference.


The Edge – refer to as “the Edge.” Located at 1601 N. 15th St.

Einstein Bros. Bagels

Elmira Jeffries – residence hall located at 1500 N. 15th St.

Email – don’t hyphenate. If someone emails you a quote or a statement, indicate like so.

“The Temple News is the cleanest, most professional college paper I’ve ever seen,” President Barack Obama said in an email yesterday. “It must be because of your great Chief Copy Editor (and my personal friend) Joe.”



Facilities Management – refers to the department, always use caps.

Faculty Senate

Fox School of Business

Fresh Grocer – Grocery store located at Progress Plaza.

FringeArts – use this in all references. But their festival can just be called the Fringe Festival.


GAF – stands for General Activities Fee. GAF can be used on second reference.

General Education Program – replaced the CORE curriculum. Gen-Ed acceptable on second reference.


Hardwick Hall –Located at 2029 N. Broad St.

Hart, Ann Weaver – former president of the university. Ninth and first female in Temple history. Use former President Ann Weaver Hart on first reference; Hart acceptable on second reference. Began as the president of the University of Arizona on July 1, 2012.

Health Sciences Campus – Along Broad Street between Allegheny Avenue and Venango Street. Always use initial caps. Use HSC on second reference and in headlines.


IBC – refer to as IBC Student Recreation Center on first reference. Use “the IBC” on second reference.

Intellectual Heritage – the department which contains Mosaic classes. IH acceptable on second reference. See also: Mosaic



Institutional Diversity, Equity, Advocacy and Leadership, Office Of—Formerly the Office of Multicultural Affairs. IDEAL on second reference.



Johnson & Hardwick cafeteria – acceptable on first reference. J&H acceptable on second reference. Officially named the Louis J. Esposito Dining Hall.

Johnson Hall – Located at 2029 N. Broad St.


Kardon-Atlantic Terminal Building – use Kardon on second reference.

Kiva Auditorium – located between Ritter Hall and Ritter Annex.


Liacouras Center

Liacouras, Peter – Temple’s seventh president, serving 1982-2000. Currently an honorary chancellor of the university.

Liacouras Walk – refers to the path that stretches from 1940 Residence Hall to area near Speakman and Wachman Halls. Two words, always caps.

LGBTQ – refers to those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning/queer. Use LGBTQ in all instances, unless someone is quoted using another term or the name of an organization dictates otherwise. In these instances, “LGBT,” “LGBTQIA” or “queer” are acceptable.


Market-Frankford Line – see Broad Street Line

Main Campus – always use initial caps. If this is the only campus mentioned in a story, simply “campus” will suffice in subsequent references. In a story with more than one campus, always include full names of each.

Maxi’s – pizza shop and bar located on Liacouras Walk.

McGonigle Hall

Modules—The modules at Temple Town.

Morgan Hall– New residence hall located at Broad Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue, opened Fall 2013.

Mosaic –Always capitalize in references to the class, e.g. Mosaic classes, Mosaic I, Mosaic II. See also: Intellectual Heritage


No. – as per AP Style, use for “number” e.g. No. 1 (number 1), No. 8 (number 8).

numerals – generally follow AP style for addresses and rankings.

Nutter, Michael – mayor of Philadelphia as of January 2008. On first reference, he is Mayor Michael Nutter. In subsequent references, Nutter is sufficient.


Offices – When referring to university offices, capitalize when including the full name of the office, e.g. Office of Multicultural Affairs.

Office of University Housing – refers to the department. Always use caps.

Owl Ambassador – refers to student tour guides. Two words. Use caps.

OWLcard – preferred way to refer to the physical Temple ID card. Use caps. See also: TUID

Owl Cove – located in Mitten Hall. Use caps.

Owl Loop – university shuttle system that provides rides for students. Use caps.

Owl Team – refers to summer orientation leaders. Two words. Use caps.

Oxford Village – apartments located between 15th and Oxford streets.


Peabody Hall –Located at 2029 N. Broad St.

Pearl Theatre – located in the Avenue North complex.

PNC Bank

Progress Plaza – shopping center located on Broad Street, south of campus.

Pearson Hall

Phone numbers – always format like this: 215-686-9999 Avoid: (215)-686 (215)686, etc. Use full number whenever possible, e.g. 215-686-8477 instead of 215-686-TIPS


Qdoba – Mexican fast-food restaurant at the Shops at Avenue North.


Ramsey, Charles – former police commissioner in Philadelphia

The Reel – Temple’s movie theater in the Student Center. Tickets are $2 for Temple students, $4 for everyone else.

resident assistant – always lowercase, except when beginning a sentence. Use RA on second reference (RAs for plural).

Ross, Richard – Police Commissioner Richard Ross on first reference.

Ritter Annex – not Ritter Hall Annex.

Ritter Hall


Saxbys Coffee

Science Education and Research Center – Located at 12th Street and Polett Walk as part of Temple’s 20/20 plan. SERC on second reference.

School of Media and Communication – SMC is acceptable on second reference and in headlines. Previously known as the School of Communications and Theater.

SEPTA – Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. The acronym SEPTA is acceptable on all references.

Senator—use “Sen.” or “Sens.” in titles. Sen. Bob Casey greeted students. The bill is sponsored by state Sen. Vincent Hughes.

Self-Service Banner—The part of TUPortal where you access most of everything.

Sodexo – Temple’s dining services supplier.


Student Affairs – refers to the department, use Division of Student Affairs.

Student Body President  – refers to the student elected as president of Temple Student Government. Do not use “TSG President.” Last name of student acceptable on second reference.

Student Center – acceptable on all references; avoid SAC. The building that houses the Office of Student Activities and The Temple News, among others. Located at 1755 N.13th St. Official name is the Howard Gittis Student Center – North.

Student Financial Services – includes the financial aid office. SFS acceptable on second reference.

subscript/superscript – Do not use. Keep all characters the same size. For example, instead of 15th Street, use 15th Street.

Sullivan Hall – home to the Office of the President.

STARS—Student Training and Reward System, STARS on second reference.


TECH Center – located just off 12th Street and Montgomery Avenue. Stands for Teaching Education, Collaboration and Help. Located in the Bell Building.

Temple Administrative Services Building – little known to students, located at 2450 W. Hunting Park Avenue. Contains a smattering of little departments. Biggest ones include Human Resources, TUHS and Purchasing.

Temple Association of University Professionals –represents more than 1,100 of the university’s faculty, librarians and support staff. TAUP on second reference.

Temple University Hospital—TUH on second reference, not to be confused with Temple University Health System, TUHS on second reference.

Temple Student Government – use on first reference. TSG is acceptable on second reference and in headlines.

Temple Times – the university’s now-defunct administrative paper. Replaced by Temple Today emails.

Temple Towers – stands alone. Never say Temple Towers residence hall. Located at 1200-1250 Cecil B. Moore Ave.

Temple University – use “Temple University” on first reference, then “Temple” or “the university” on subsequent references.

Temple University Fitness Center ­– Fitness facilities located on the 2nd Floor of Avenue North at Broad Street and Cecil B. Moore Avenue. TUF is acceptable on second reference.

Temple University Press – in this instance, keep university in the name.

Theater – only write “theatre” if it’s part of a building’s name.

The Temple News – always use caps, DO NOT italicize. For all other publications, lowercase the “the” in titles. E.g. the Inquirer.

Theobald, Neil – university president. President Theobald on first reference, Theobald in all subsequent references.

tipsters – in any cops story where they’re asking for the public’s help, use the following boilerplate, building on it if necessary: Tipsters are urged to call (phone number.) Avoid: anyone with information; people who may have witnessed the incident, etc.

titles – Refer to AP Stylebook entry.

TransPass – refers to SEPTA’s daily, weekly or monthly TransPass.

trustee – not a formal title for members of the Board of Trustees. Use like so: Ronald Donatucci, a trustee; trustee Patrick Larkin. See also: Board of Trustees, chairman

TSG General Assembly – use full name on first reference. GA acceptable on second reference.

TUCC – Stands for Temple University Center City. Located at 1515 Market St. TUCC, without “campus,” is acceptable on all references.

TU ID – the number that identifies a student in all the university computer systems. See also: OWLcard

TUmail – the university’s e-mail system powered by Google.


TUr Door – late night shuttle system that takes you to your off-campus place. Separate from Owl Loop.

Tyler School of Art – located at 2001 N. 13th St. Formerly located in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania.



Underground – in the basement of the Student Center, where performances are often held.

Universal Negro Improvement Association – a branch of this civil rights organization, founded in 1914, is located at 1609 Cecil B. Moore Ave. full of community sources. UNIA on subsequent references.

university – do not capitalize it. E.g. “The university’s policy states that …”

University Disciplinary Committee – UDC on second reference.

University of Pennsylvania – Penn on second reference.

University Village – apartment building located at 1701 N. 10th St.

University Services Building – demolished building at Broad and Oxford streets. Replaced with Morgan Hall.



The Wall– outside dining area near Anderson Hall.

website – one word, not capitalized.

Welcome Center – holds information programs and tours for prospective students. Located on the first floor of the Bell Building, home of the TECH Center.

White Hall –Located at 2108-50 N. Broad St.



Yorktown – informal designation for a community southeast of Main Campus. The only exception to the DVRPC map. Area bounded by Cecil B. Moore and Girard Avenues, Broad and 9th streets.


Zavelle Bookstore – not Zavelle’s.  Former alternative site for books. Was on Broad Street between Oxford and Jefferson.